Welcome to Nanny’s Nook.

We provide you with an on the go handy nanny with services tailor made to your nanny needs.

About Us

Allow us to ensure your peace of mind with a safe and entertaining environment in the company of our fun, creative and responsible nanny. We provide all the toys and games for your children's amusement.

Here at Nanny’s Nook, we put your children first. Their safety and entertainment is our number one priority.

Nadine Stroebel

Nadine Stroebel Owner

I am the proud Owner of Nannys Nook established in 2021.

With my seven years of experience in the field my passion for children has grown immensely.

I had the opportunity to work in Cape town as a nanny for many different families from all over the world. I was fortunate enough to get Au- Pair job in Switzerland where I had the greatest opportunity to experience the joy that comes with being a helping hand for a lovely family.

Meet our Nanny's.



kelli Watts

Kelli Watts

Bianca van Leliveld

Bianca van Leliveld


Angore Van Wyk Lister

Anina Meyer

Anina Meyer

Chirese Boshoff

Chirese Boshoff


No event is too big or too small, Nanny's Nook can do it all. Parents can relax and enjoy the event knowing their children are having as much fun as they can.

What events we cover

What events we cover
  • Weddings
  • Birthdays
  • Yearend Functions
  • Corporate Events
  • Private parties
  • Festivals
  • Short term live in

Why use Nanny's Nook

Why use Nanny's Nook
  • To ensure a peace of mind during an event or night out.
  • We ensure that your children are safe and entertained.
  • All our nanny have reliable references and childcare background.
  • We provide a safe and creative space for your children to unwind and enjoy themselves.
  • Our nanny's will entertain the children until you re ready to go home

How our process works

How our process works
  • Upon arrival you (as the parent) will meet our Nanny at a designated location at the event/ venue where you will be greeting with a friendly face and an already set up space for the children to be entertained.
  • You are welcome to exchange numbers with your nanny to ensure communication is available at all times.
  • Our Nanny’s will have age appropriate toys, arts and crafts and upon request movies tailor-made to their liking.




  • Rates are negotiated according to your needs and circumstances. T&C apply upon booking
  • We do not have a limit on how many children we care for.
  • The amount of nanny’s will be dependent on how many children and their ages.
  • Minimum of four hours is required in order for us to perform our services.
  • We charge only per nanny not per child.
  • Travel Costs
  • Due to constant changes in fuel price we can not confirm a set amount.
  • Entertainment
  • All entertainment is included with your nanny.
  • Entertainment includes: Puzzles, coloring, board games, card games, DIY outdoor entertainment, clay, dolls, general children’s toys, ext.

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